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This website is a tribute to “The Original Top Nut” John E. (Big Red) Izzard, III. (RIP).  Big Red and his OMEGA PSI PHI Fraternity, Inc. brother Corwin (Point Dog). Alston took the liberty to bless us with DeezNutsInc. A special thank you goes out to XTT LIFE, LLC for sponsoring DeezNutsInc., XTTLife and being apart of bringing back a catch phrase that all of the 80’s and 90’s babies grew up adlibbing… Deeeeezzzzz NuuuuuuuuTTTTTSSSSS!


In 2008, “Big Red” and Corwin Alston’s younger brother in Christ Carlos “Veny” Deoliveira was Blessed with an opportunity to help “Big Red’s” dream go on.


“Veny” has since partnered with D.C.’s King of Comedy Eddie Bryant. Coupled with a perfect sense of timing and delivery, Eddie can take the most mundane particle of life and flip it into a side-splitting ‘where’d that come from?’ work of art that gives audiences cause to pause and take notice of this on-the-rise comedic talent. His comedic brilliance captures and retains the attention of audiences and takes them on a smooth ride to the other side of hilarity. His talent takes him from writing impeccable stand-up material to the world of Acting, Event Hosting, while featuring in Comedy Clubs all across America. Eddie has blessed stages from New York, Philadelphia, L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and of course Washington, D.C.


In October of 2007, the world lost a son, a friend, a brother in Christ, but who is now sitting next to the Lord's throne looking upon all of us.  Thanks to Veny’s older brother Fabio Oliveira, Veny had an opportunity to link with “Big Red”, who then became somewhat of a mentor to him.  “Big Red” had a vision, now with us as an Angel, he is looking over Deez Nuts, and because of this we are definitely destined for greatness.  We all just pray that we make him proud.  So to Corwin, “Big Red”, on behalf of all of Deez Nuts, we say...


Thank you, thank you for blessing us with DeezNutsInc.


We Love you Big John, Rest In Paradise.

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